Bespoke furniture for a house in Maastricht


The Mac Val museum needs a more visible and functional reception desk.


A museum for contemporary art wants new functional furniture that is modular and is descreet towards the art. A simple metal grid is proposed for all the furniture and it’s function determines with wich material the grid is made functional.


A photographer wants a new library for his extensive book collection, a new desk and exposition space. WIth a limited budget and very short timing simple, rationalised storage is made where repetiiton is a driver for efficiency and esthetics.


Invited by gallery Croy Nielsen and in collobaration with Ker-Xavier a vase and a console are designed for the contemporary artfair Paris Internationale.


Made from reclaimed marble and based on a grid defined by a found table that was taken apart, analysed, changed it’s proportions and made modular. Each cube consists out of 4 pieces of marble that are placed following a grid. This allows for 36 different configurations. Combining these configurations creates tables, benches, towers, libraries, pyramids etc.


Based on the simple composition of a mirror a play is created between simple geometric shapes and the glass and mirror. Creating in a modularity of compositions of mirros that can be combined to discotheca sceneries.


A bespoke TV table is made with rough aluminum profiles filled with recycled plastic panelling ressembling marble.